Sunday, 6 January 2019

Love and Grit

Bob Marley
Douglas Tompkins

A poem in response to an article written by Charles Eisenstein and featured at The title of his piece is:

"Why the Climate Change Message Isn't Working

Love and grit,
courage and wit.
It's not either, or,
it's so much more.
We need to call on
wherewithals gone dormant, 
to summon up the will,
grist for the common mill.
It won't at all suffice
to be just kind and 'nice';
we need all our smarts,
and our craftiest arts
to face up to the fact:
There is no way back.
We're moving forward with drive
as we resiliently strive
for a world that is green,
not wicked and mean,
for a world that is fair,
with clean water, fresh air,
for all to partake in
whatever their stake in
the future that is now,
which ever ways we find how.

The stakes are high. As people, we have been manipulated and suppressed for too long by top-down elitist governments, institutions, corporations, powerful lobbies, and vested interests. As a consequence, we face a concomitant ecological, societal, systemic and climate crisis which threatens our very existence.

We need to come together and pool our common proud resources of respect, peaceability, mutual understanding, conflict-resolution, resilience, renewal, thereby transitioning to a more sustainable way of living and sharing this finite planet we all call home. We need to do this now, with increased vigour and urgency at all levels - in our homes, our communities, our tribes, towns, cities, states, regions, nations and biosphere - before this crisis reaches the tipping point of becoming irreversible. Let's get at it, from grassroots to mountain tops.

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