Monday, 12 February 2018

Forge A New Path

Minimize stress. Do not obsess about what ails us, harms us, confronts us. Let go of the shackles, the ties that bind. Stasis, the status quo will grind you down.

Rebel. Strike out in a new direction, on your chosen path. The way will reveal itself. Leave your baggage behind. Become unstuck, no longer trapped.

Make a plan. Follow it in stages, one day at a time. Do not sweat the small stuff. Dream the big picture.

Make hard choices. Clear the path. Forge the future. Act resiliently. Be ruthless.

Act. Do it, before it is too late. *Tempus fugit. Carpe diem.* Seize the moment. Gain momentum. Take a leap. Be brave.

Follow your heart, your deepest desires, your innermost passions. Connect with others in love, joy, community, sharing. 

Care for family and friends, those near and dear. Lean on others for support. Nurture heart-felt relationships.

Honour life in all its guises. Practise tolerance, respect. Do not yield to fear, frustration, hatred, or to those that harm you. Walk away from them.

You are alive. You owe it to yourself. Stride confidently, with firm resolve, into a future you create. Live the life you envisage.

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