Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Thai Cave Rescue

 (Photo: Linh Pham, Getty Images)

Wonderful to hear news of the successful rescue of all twelve Thai boys and their coach after being stranded in the flooded Tham Luang cave for eighteen days. If only we could show the same empathy and caring for the forgotten ones - the countless children who are casualties of war (in Gaza, in Yemen); casualties of drowning as refugees fleeing war; casualties of trafficking for sex and money; casualties of physical and mental abuse at the hand of brutal "adults", including those currently mandating and operating detention camps in the United States that separate chidren from their parents and nurturers and take them away to destinations undisclosed. Barbaric abuse and killing of children should be met with not only empathy but outrage.

Monday, 11 June 2018

The Arbiter(s) of Truth

Put that in your pipe and smoke it

Who is the Arbiter of Truth? Or, who are the Arbiters?

We all have our views, blinkered by perspective and coloured by what we read, see, and hear. Who do you trust as truth-teller when it comes to sourcing news? All media have some kind of bias, especially when it comes to religion, politics, power, sport, and any other competitive pursuit that we humans love to engage in and be swayed by. Is there such a thing as objective truth or are all reports tainted by an element of lying and fakery? After all, most news bearers have an agenda, a deep-seated prejudice. Can we trust our governments, our food suppliers, our doctors, our scientists, our lawyers, our priests implicitly? I think not. Before we start railing against pseudo-science and conspiracy theories, a healthy dose of scepticism about all news would be helpful.

Who is your go-to for "the truth"? Do you trust CBC, CNN, Donald Trump, Doug Ford, Confucius, Nietzsche, your government, your psychiatrist, Jordan Peterson, your parents, your sister, Facebook, Google, Yoga, the Bible, the Koran, the Catholic Church, Mormons, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Hollywood Reporter, Hello Magazine, the Toronto Sun, Wikipedia, WikiLeaks, TruthDig, Dr. Weil, David Suzuki, Rex Murphy, InfoWars, the Guardian, Hezbollah, Daesh, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Bayer Monsanto, Angela Merkel, Bernie Sanders, Vladimir Putin, your local MP? None of the above, some, or all, to some degree?????

We all need to be discerning, and with today's wealth of information out there, we need to be more discerning and sceptical than ever. But freedom of speech and thought are important in upholding our personal and societal liberties. Please do not censor what I read, where my news comes fro, and how I formulate my own truth in this world. It is a basic right. I can use my own judgement and so must everybody. If not, then just tune out.

Monday, 9 April 2018

The Fog of War

'"The first casualty, when war comes, is truth."

Hiram Johnson (1866 - 1945) was referring to the First World War. 

A progressive U. S. senator, he died on the day the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, immediately killing 80,000 civilians. Tens of thousands would later die from radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another A-bomb on Nagasaki, immediately killing an estimated 40,000 people. 

These two bombings remain the only use of nuclear weapons in the history of warfare, to this day... Our leaders appear to be blundering blindly into dangerously escalated war once more.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Forge A New Path

Minimize stress. Do not obsess about what ails us, harms us, confronts us. Let go of the shackles, the ties that bind. Stasis, the status quo will grind you down.

Rebel. Strike out in a new direction, on your chosen path. The way will reveal itself. Leave your baggage behind. Become unstuck, no longer trapped.

Make a plan. Follow it in stages, one day at a time. Do not sweat the small stuff. Dream the big picture.

Make hard choices. Clear the path. Forge the future. Act resiliently. Be ruthless.

Act. Do it, before it is too late. *Tempus fugit. Carpe diem.* Seize the moment. Gain momentum. Take a leap. Be brave.

Follow your heart, your deepest desires, your innermost passions. Connect with others in love, joy, community, sharing. 

Care for family and friends, those near and dear. Lean on others for support. Nurture heart-felt relationships.

Honour life in all its guises. Practise tolerance, respect. Do not yield to fear, frustration, hatred, or to those that harm you. Walk away from them.

You are alive. You owe it to yourself. Stride confidently, with firm resolve, into a future you create. Live the life you envisage.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

In A Bubble

So many live in a bubble, trapped in their small worlds and narrow, shallow minds.

What do they really grasp of geopolitical endgames, false-flag framings, governmental machinations, corporate power, media bias, political posturing, elitist control, military manipulation, universal greed and abuse perpetrated by those empowered?

They scan headlines, pontificate, prognosticate, post commentary, shoot from the hip, passing judgement based on learned behaviour or perspective. Black or white, left or right, right or wrong, true or false.

What do they understand of true suffering, grinding poverty, gnawing hunger, blood, sweat and tears prompting lifetimes of oppression, segregation, alienation, displacement, colonization, tyranny, war, genocide?

Only what they have read in distorted histories, blinkered accounts, political oratory, by sleight of hand, what they have been told and led to believe. 

No doubts, no questioning, no intellectual discernment, no moral scepticism, suckered in by the cult of personality, charisma, hyperbole, rhetoric.

What do they truly understand of others, not of their tribe, of their proud cultures, tortured past, collective resilience, living traditions, simple grace, community spirit in the face of perpetual onslaught?

Burst the bubble and find people bound together in dread, in hope, in pride, in beauty, in toil, in love, in scratching out a living in humility, in solidarity, outside the bubble.

The bubblers are babblers, screamers, spouters, scare-mongerers, knee-jerkers, trumpeters preaching bigotry, misogyny, jingoism, xenophobia, intolerance with closed minds and cold hearts.

Without love, insight, and compassion, they are destined to remain entrenched against life, forgiveness, acceptance, inclusion, destined too to forever repeat the wretched barbarities and treacheries of history.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Smugness, exceptionalism, complacency, hubris… have so much to answer for, especially at a momentous moment such as this.

For months, we have been in a bubble, consumed, mesmerized by two obscenely rich and powerful people vying to rule over us, even if from afar. Meanwhile, the planet spirals out of control.

A swig of humility, an ounce of contemplation, a taking of stock, a pause… would  go a long way.

Then, let’s get active and set about the challenges we face together, building bridges,  restoring mutual trust, moving ourselves, our community, our world forward with good humour and oodles of resilience.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Future Resilient or Consigned to the Past

Photos from my drive home from selling Rolling Hills Organics produce at a Toronto (Evergreen Brick Works) farmers market yesterday afternoon. Took the scenic route along the lovely, up-and-down County Road 9 through Port Hope township and the rolling Northumberland Hills. Avoided the congestion and construction along Highway 401 and thereby decompressed so much sooner.